Laser Treatments

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Introducing the Soprano Xli
Faster, More comfortable and requiring fewer visits!
Sensitive areas are no longer off limits.

* Alma re-invented laser hair removal with its virtually painless Soprano XL and Soprano XLi systems. Now the best is even better. “No more Ouch Factor”

*Cooler Treatment

* The new ICE applicator further cools the skin by integrating numerous cooling mechanisms

*Lighter Applicator

*With one of the lightest applicators available today, laser hair removal is comfortable for the operator, too.

*Smoother Results

*Clinically proven SHR™ technology and In-Motion™ technique for Painless Hair Removal

*A Virtually Painless Hair Removal Lasers System to-date

*Remember no-pain, no-gain? Well, SHR has over six years of clinically proven effectiveness

*FDA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I – VI) and tanned skin (watch out Summer)

*Safe to treat patients all year round

*Intuitive and user friendly 12″ color touch screen

*Pre set parameters for fast and safe treatment times

*Gold standard 810 nm laser diode
*Only operated by Laser technicians certified in “Alma Laser: soprano family of lasers”